Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment

Some children are naturally calm and quiet; they are usually well behaved and delightful. Other children are the exact opposite of the first. They are hyperactive troublemakers. They are like a tornado demolishing everything in their way. They are running and jumping all the time. It’s impossible for them to sit still even for five minutes. They are endless source of energy. They play games, build tents, read a book but never finish it. They often rather break toys than play with them. They never get tired. If you ask them to put their toys away, they will do it and than take all of them out again. All day long they are active and busy. If you are familiar with the above-described symptoms than you might want to know about ADHD, or attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder.

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If you miss the symptoms in your small children, then as they grow up their problem gets worse. When a child goes to school, he can be at a serious disadvantage because it is very difficult for him to concentrate on learning activity.

Fortunately, often with the ADHD symptoms often disappear or weaken when a child grows up.. Many people with ADHD successfully adapt to everyday life. However, often the condition develops and worsens. A person with ADHD can experience constant procrastination, lack of organization, poor memory, and other undesired symptoms and habits that degrade the quality of life and interfere with successful career. Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder is the most common neurological and behavioral disease. Nowadays, it is diagnosed in up 5% of children, mostly boys.

Pharmaceutical science developed variety of medicine to deal with symptoms of attention deficit disorder such as impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity. But not all medicine is effective and safe, especially in case of treating small children.

Therefore, scientist developed and released Strattera – a drug with the main active ingredient Atomoxetine, a highly selective inhibitor of presynaptic carriers of norepinephrine. The drug is not stimulant or amphetamine derivatives.

More than 5000 patients participated in clinical trials. Careful and precise clinical studies and observations were conducted to observe and study the result of treatment with Strattera. During clinical trials of the drug no adverse reactions or undesired side effects were observed. It was approved and released on the market.

Now, Strattera is used in 42 countries around the world. According official statistics, more than 3.2 million children, teenagers and adults diagnosed with ADHD significantly improved their condition by taking this medication. The dosage is individual and depends on condition of the patient. One box contains seven or fourteen pills in a blister with an instruction. After taking a pill, its active substance is immediately absorbed for therapeutic effect.


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Because my baby has serious health problems, I had to take him abroad to a specialized clinic for professional medical therapy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful despite a huge number of drags prescribed by foreign doctors. His condition didn’t improve and than my wife and I decided to see a local doctor. The doctor prescribed only one medicine ­– Atomoxetine. At first, there were minor side effects but there was an impressive improvement as well. We never expected to see such a positive change so fast.