Girls with ADHD

Why did not I know at school that I have ADHD?

Many women feel incredible relief when they are diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), because before that they felt guilty for their “wrong” behavior and self-perception. VeryWell talks about the importance of ADHD in women’s lives.

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Most women who are unaware that they have ADHD may feel stupid and inferior. It often happens that close people convince them of it. However, ADHD does not reflect human intelligence.

Here are the most striking symptoms of ADHD:

  • psychological stress
  • a feeling of congestion and / or fatigue
  • feeling of inferiority
  • low self-esteem
  • chronic stress
  • sensation of helplessness

If your ADHD is confirmed by doctors, then the feeling of inferiority can pass by itself, and you will have more strength and knowledge to cope with this ailment.

Why did not I know at school that I have ADHD?

On average, girls with ADHD are less hyperactive and more inattentive, so they are less likely to make this diagnosis. It is easier for a teacher to notice a restless boy than a girl immersed in fantasy.

But there are other reasons: for example, a girl with high intelligence is easier to hide ADHD during her studies – school rules, terms and regime help cope with ADHD. In the classroom it is easier to establish good relations with teachers who can motivate her to study and submit assignments on time. Girls are more worried about public opinion than boys, and are ready to do anything to meet the expectations of teachers and classmates, and often this leads to perfectionism and anxiety, but if the performance is good, there is usually no reason for excitement.

Problems can begin after leaving school. When there is no more strict school discipline, and academic standards are much higher, ADHD begins to cause problems. The same thing happens at work, when the woman herself is responsible for her working schedule and there is no strict control.

Currently, many clinically tested medications are used to help girls with a similar syndrome, with no serious side effects.

Do women have hyperactivity?

Yes, women also suffer from hyperactivity and impulsiveness of ADHD, but less often than attention deficit. Hyperactivity has its drawbacks, for example, it is more difficult for overactive women to comply with generally accepted norms of acceptable behavior for girls and women.

If you have a mixed or hyperactive impulsive type of ADHD, you will be perceived as a tomboy, because this behavior is different from the generally accepted norms of behavior of girls. You can have more energy than your peers, you can be considered a talker. Perhaps you have come across condemnation, rejection or alienation from peers, and this rejection can continue in adulthood.

ADHD at home

Women have another source of shame and self-condemnation, which men do not have, and this is household chores. Previously, women were responsible for housekeeping, cleaning, washing, buying food, making menus, caring for and raising children, family budgets and paying bills. For people with ADHD, these tasks are difficult, because they are very routine and they do not have a “deadline”.

Even now, in the 21st century, when women begin to work on a par with men, and in a man’s relationship take on a part of housework, women still face the fact that they are expected to perform household chores. And this still does not facilitate the life of a woman with ADHD and can greatly affect her self-esteem.