Diagnosis makes life easier for hyperactive children

Children, who would have been branded as notorious “daredevils”, now it’s easier to live. Doctors put a diagnosis of “hyperactivity” and thereby protect the small fidgets from the nagging of adults. And once there is a diagnosis, there must be a cure.

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The full name of the diagnosis, which can only put pediatrician-neurologist – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The question of whether it is necessary to treat hyperactivity in children raises heated debates. Some believe that doctors bend the stick, identifying hyperactivity as a disease that requires drug treatment. Others, including adults who had a hyperactive childhood, on the contrary, believe that it is still any definitions to use – “treatment” or “correction”; they are sure that hyperactive children need the help of specialists. While society is polemical, doctors already have a fairly large experience of observing children with this diagnosis.

Psychotropic nightmare

Hyperactivity of children occurs due to a deficiency in the body of hormones of dopamine and norepinephrine. And, as is known, it is with the disruption of the production of these biologically active substances that such known pathologies as schizophrenia and parkinsonism are associated. Therefore, in countries that were at the forefront of the treatment of hyperactivity, began to use psychotropic drugs. First of all, amphetamine-type drugs. During the Second World War, amphetamine was given to American pilots to relieve fatigue and restore sleep functions. And only later it became clear that amphetamines cause the strongest mental dependence, a pathological sense of euphoria with paranoid delirium and hallucinations. Of course, the use of such drugs in children’s therapy caused a storm of protests. In the United States, where up to now children are hyperactively treated with amphetamines, many doctors, scientists and educators are naturally opposed to any general treatment of hyperactive children.

No psychotropics!

In medical practice, a drug that is not psychotropic, Atomoxetine or Strattera is used to treat hyperactive children. Of course, like any medicine, Strattera is not an inoffensive sweetie. The annotation listed a huge list of those side effects that were noted in patients in clinical trials. Therefore, the reception of this drug, at least in the first months is carried out under the supervision of a doctor. After 4 months of therapy, a sustained effect is achieved, and then the parents themselves can control the situation. It is even possible to cancel the medicine, for example, during the summer holidays.

Not just tablets

Doctors are very cautious in choosing treatment. Very effective in the treatment or correction of ADHD is the method of biofeedback. It does not replace medical treatment, but it allows doctors to adjust the dose. And of course, any therapy is complemented by psychological help from the family, teachers and child psychologists. In a school where the child spends most of the time, teachers should take into account the behavioral characteristics of hyperactive children. For example, in the US, in classes where there are many such students, the teacher must use distracting games during the lesson. And our teachers often just treat a hyperactive child with their endless remarks.

And yet the diagnosis

The diagnosis of ADHD can only be made by a doctor who is dealing with this form of disorder. The diagnostic methods are not yet perfect, but there is already a toolkit here. It is generally accepted to carry out a diagnostic test that parents fill out. In the case when the sum of scores is higher than 25, the doctor decides whether to start or not to start treatment and select a therapy regimen. Be sure to take into account the accompanying states of a neurotic character – tics, frequent blinking, sniffing, etc.

And nevertheless to treat

Clinical practice shows that often the best friend of a child with a high level of hyperactivity is a doctor. It is he who understands him best. To the doctors, children with inherent expression speak about their problems. One boy complained to his doctor that no one wants to be friends with him. Peers fled from him, because he flirted so much that in exaltation he did not notice how he started to push or even pinch children. The father of one patient, a formerly hyperactive child himself, implored the doctor to help his teenage son, because he remembered how hard it was for him to cope with the internal “storm”, an alarm that did not leave a single minute, with an indomitable need to try everything, including drugs. Hyperactivity is not only a motor that does not allow a child to stand still. This state has other, more disturbing manifestations. ADHD is always accompanied by a high level of anxiety. Therefore, often in adolescence, hyperactivity can cause depression. Many hyperactive children, because of their immense curiosity and desire to learn everything and be in several places at once, often fall into bad companies, go through alcohol and drugs. This is very dangerous, but it is due to the peculiarities of its hyperactivity manifestation. As well as the fact that in lessons such children often jump from their seats and comment on the teacher.

Hyperactive Talents

Hyperactive children are very talented, they have high mental abilities. They are extraordinary in everything. If they manage to focus on something, they achieve incredible success. Bill Gates, Einstein – the brightest examples of a child with ADHD.

Hyperactive families

Children get their hyperactivity from their parents. Hyperactive adults grow from hyperactive children. As one ADHD treatment specialist says: “When I drive a car and see someone constantly rebuilding from one band to another, I remember my small, restless patients. With age, people, of course, learn to control their hyperactivity, but some features they still remain bright enough. Such people, for example, often change jobs, it is difficult for them to sit out all day in the workplace. And while they are faster than others achieve excellent results. “